Step One:

Check your state’s Department of Health Care Services to see if your facility or provider is subject to any current suspension or disciplinary action. Best Achieved by going to your state website for the Department of Health and search the words ‘Revoked’ or ‘Suspensions’. California is listed as an example.

Links to each State Department of Health


Temporary Suspension Orders 9/1/2021

Latest Suspensions Search

Medical Board License Search

Step Two:

Verify that your Doctor is licensed with your State Medical Board.

List of State Medical Boards

Step Three:

See if your Doctor is registered with the American Medical Association and follows their code of ethics:

American Medical Assoc. Doctor Search

Step Four:

Check and see if your Doctor is actually Board Certified in their stated specialty:

ABMS Certification Check

Step Five:

Check out Online Reviews (Note… reviews can be misleading and staged.)

Although they can be helpful and a place to start, unfortunately, many review sites just don’t reflect the true worth of your provider or treatment center.  For example, the Doctor who authorized the prescription of a deadly combination of six drugs to our son without ever even meeting him… has glowing reviews! Most Lawsuits are settled out of court and normally involve non-disclosure agreements that prohibit the damaged party from making statements about the provider.

Health Grades

WebMD Physician Directory



Care Dash


Addiction Rehab Reviews

Consumer Affairs