While a majority of operators are sincere in their efforts to help people battle addiction, a large number of rehab centers abuse the system relentlessly.

To these disreputable centers, drug users are commodities, exploited by a growing world of drug and alcohol rehab operators who put profit ahead of patient care.  An addict can be worth nearly $100,000 to a center. It is imperative for consumers to ask some tough questions.

Here are some top questions to ask: (Preferably get these answered in writing via email or text)

    • Who will be providing direct medical care at the facility?
    • How many medical staff are present at any one time at the facility?
    • What is their licensing? (Eg. physician, physicians assistant, nurse, nursing assistant?)
    • Is a physician directly involved in all medication decisions in ‘real time,’ or do they authorize lower clinicians to write prescriptions and ‘sign off’ at a later time?
    • What monitoring systems do they have in place during active detoxification? (Eg. How often, and how are vital signs checked and recorded?)
    • How have many deaths (from any cause) have occurred at the facility?
    • Are there any open or closed medical malpractice cases involving this facility?
    • Has the facilities operators license been suspended or revoked at any stage?

Read the articles below to learn how to distinguish between the good and bad players and help pick the right one for you or your loved one.


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